Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just drop in and get my dog bathed?
It is better to call first and book a time as we work on timed appointments.
Can I wait for my dog to be groomed?
Owners are welcome to stay however a full groom can take from 1 to 3 hours and we have found most dogs are more anxious when their owners are present.
I'm not sure if my dog will cope with being groomed.
We are experienced in handling all dog types and personalities. We use positive reinforcement to encourage compliance and cooperation. We are firm but kind and take time to make it as stress free as possible for the dog.
Do you use flea and tick rinses?
All dogs can pick up fleas at certain times of the year. If your dog comes into the salon with fleas we will give the dog a Capstar tab which will kill the fleas on the dog. We will then give them a flea treatment using a high quality flea shampoo recommended by Vets. There will be an extra charge of $10 for this process.

My dog has a skin condition and needs a special shampoo.
We use only hyper-allergenic shampoos and conditioners, and have a range of medicated shampoos and soap free shampoos available. You are also welcome to bring your own shampoo.
Can I just get my dog's nails cut?
Yes, we do cut and file nails while you wait.
Do you open on Saturdays?
Yes, both Soapy Pause Dudley and Soapy Pause Belmont is open every Saturday from 8 am to 4.30 pm.
How can I pay?
We accept cash or EFTPOS.